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Project Description

Our experience and educational background means that we are ideally placed to offer an expert translation service. We work to a deadline, with total
commitment and professionalism suited to the nature of our business – the law.

Specialising in legal texts, including cross-border legal academic papers, We work with numerous established companies locally, nationally and
internationally. An important part of our work is taking part in negotiations in English concerning agreements and settlements. We also give legal opinions on agreements drawn up in English to check their compliance with Polish law or identify any legal risks.

Additionally, we organise training sessions dedicated to entrepreneurs, institutions and legal department employees as lectures, seminars and
workshops covering the following areas.

  1. European Union law and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
  2. cross-border redress, including proceedings regarding European Payment Orders, European Enforcement Orders and the European Small Claims Procedure,
  3. Legal English, including the preparation of contracts in English, legal terminology and frequent errors in English-Polish and Polish-English legal translations.
  4. Advocacy Skills, i.e. methodology and technique derived from the British legal system of argumentation and litigation using the Hampel method,
  5. Fashion law
  6. State Aid Law,
  7. Elements of UK law, in particular, commercial law, company and partnership law.

The overall idea of such sessions is to provide a practical approach to the issues involved, including discovering solutions and discussing how to
minimize possible legal risks.