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Project Description

Cross-border litigation

We deal with pursuing claims for payment on behalf of businesses against foreign debtors.

International family law

We also handle maintenance claims within the European Union and manage family law cases, including those related to responsibility for children, divorce and the Hague Convention.

Competition Law

We provide consulting services on Polish and European competition law and provide representation in proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and common courts of law, as well as at the CJEU.

Financial crimes

Although commercial law is ostensibly governed by civil law it may also include certain aspects of criminal law where there are issues involving, for example, accountancy fraud, money laundering, insider trading, bribery and corruption. Our experience in this field means we are able to provide legal advice and representation as this area which can be particularly complex and daunting. We will be able to identify any legal risk to your business or any potential areas of concern bringing clarity and preventing the risk of criminal liability. With an ever-increasing global market and stricter regulation to curb financial crimes such as money laundering it is essential that you have full control over your business.

Intellectual Property Law

Izabela Konopacka’s previous professional experience in the Fashion sector (management positions in one of the largest companies in the world – Inditex Group and in the Scandinavian company KappAhl) and her academic areas of interest (work in progress on a Ph.D. thesis titled ‘Fashion law in European Union regulations’ allows for ensuring legal assistance in the field of claims related to illegal infringement of intellectual property law done by third parties, including cases related to e.g. using trademarks confusingly similar to registered marks, illegal use of patents, industrial designs and geographical indications, illegal use of trademarks on counterfeit products, infringement of rights to marks with commercial renown, product mimicking and unfair advertisement. Our office cooperates with an experienced patent attorney, and by virtue of that we provide assistance in registration of trade marks and applying for patents covered by protection either in one or more jurisdictions (EUIPO as to the latter). Articles penned in the field of Fashion law are available on our Blog section.

Law of Companies and Partnerships

Our experience allows for rendering legal aid on behalf of entities with Polish and foreign capital in the field of:

  • setting up of companies, branches and agencies,
  • concluding agreements between members and partners,
  • disputes between members and partners,
  • day-to-day corporate legal advice, including legal assistance for organs of companies and officers thereof,
  • liquidation of entities engaged in commercial activity,
  • representation of partners, members (and shareholders) during meeting of members and annual general meetings,
  • representation of companies in proceedings for registration.

Employment law

We advise in the field of the law on employment, both in its Polish and EU aspects. We appear for our clients in court cases in the scope of employment law before
courts of all instances within the territory of Poland. We also handle social security cases.